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Prophet Elijah Berrian, who began ministering at the young ago of eleven, carries with him the essence of healing and restoration. At the age of eleven, he had already begun to minister to peers, pastors, and church leaders.

Prophet Elijah fervently believes the Great Commission of the Church is to go and make disciples of every man.

Under his mentor’s tutelage, Prophet Elijah received his formal training and call to the


ministry. With the anointing continuously growing on this young prophet, Prophet


Elijah has healed and restored the lives of many. 


Knowing that God has much more in store for his life; Prophet Elijah has been trained


and groomed under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.



Prophet Elijah has more than a decade of teaching, preaching, &


prophesying under his belt which enable him to reach others with


humor, warmth, transparency, compassion, and strength.


In addition to serving in various capacities of leadership throughout


the years,Prophet Elijah is involved in a variety of ministerial endeavors


in & outside of the church giving back to his community, public


speaking, teaching, and community service. 


Following years of preparation, God released him to embark upon his


own ministry where he is prepared to embrace lost souls and minister


to God’s people. With such a great calling to fulfill, Prophet Elijah’s


ultimate desire is to see people fully embrace God’s love and to walk in


victory and power while experiencing the love & fullness of God’s




His life is dedicated to living by example and encouraging men and


women how to live up to their full potential in Christ.

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Janet S.

Chicago, IL

''Hello man of God, I had a miscarriage, and you prophesied to me, that my second
daughter, was going to have a second, and she is now 5 months pregnant,HALLELUJAH PLEASE PRAY that she will not have High Blood Pressure or diabetes, and that she will have a healthy pregnancy. Thank You so much Man of God, you are
truly sent from God.''

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